Optı nell Nasal Aspırator

The easiest way to clear your child's stuffy nose

It's the perfect way to keep your baby happy and healthy during cold season

No more waking up with a blocked nose, no more struggling to clean those tiny nostrils, and no more worrying about how your baby will sleep with a snotty nose. Opti Nell Nasal Aspirator is the perfect solution for clearing your baby’s nose so they can sleep comfortably and breathe easy all night long!

Opti Nell Nasal Aspirator has been designed by experts in pediatrics to be comfortable and easy-to-use.

We know that as parents, you have a lot on your plate. You’re probably thinking about what to pack for school lunches, making sure your kids are getting enough sleep, and trying to get them ready for their first day at preschool. But we hope that you’ll also take a moment to think about how they can breathe easier while they’re sleeping.

Why is this so important? Well, if your kids’ noses are stuffy when they sleep, their breathing might be compromised in ways that could affect their overall health—and even their ability to get restful sleep. That’s why Opti Nell Nasal Aspirator was created: this nasal aspirator is designed with your family’s comfort in mind. It’s easy to use and comfortable for your kids—and it helps them breathe comfortably throughout the night!

Kıds get stuffy noses all the tıme

But it's not fun for anyone!

Opti Nell is a nasal aspirator that helps remove mucus from your little one’s nose and clear up their breathing so they can sleep comfortably. It even has a light indicator so you know when you’ve gotten everything out of there!

And if you’re like us, you probably don’t want to use fingers or other tools that could be contaminated by bacteria or viruses on your baby’s face. That’s why we designed Opti Nell with a soft silicone tip that feels so gentle on your baby’s skin as it clears out their nostrils.


Nasal Aspirator

Opti Nell Nasal Aspirator




How To Use

How to use the Optinell Nasal Aspirator:

  1. Insert the changeable tip (A) into lhe middle section of the aspirator (B).
  2. Place the respirator (C) in your mouth (guardian) and then place the tip of the aspirator into your Child nostril.
  3. Using the respirator, inhale slowly and regularly.
  4. If the tip of the aspirator is full after two aspirations, you can either change the tip with a new one or empty the mucus in the vacuuming tip by blowing into the respirator onto a handkerchief.
  5. Use the same application process for the other nostril.
  6. Take off the tip and throw it into the bin after one use.

It is useful for newborn babies, infants and little children. In addtion to this, it must be used under medical observation for newbornbabies. Do not use the spare sections of Optinell Nasal Aspirator in the event of any allergical reactions or high sensitivity against the elements used in production. For hygienical and contamination concerns, aspirator tips are only to be used once.